South Tyrol – At the crossways between North and South

South Tyrol has always been a meeting point between two cultures. From Germany resp. Austria to Italy, and vice-versa, there is (almost) no way that does not pass through Bolzano.

Entrepreneurs or private clients who want to break or expand into the Italian market, benefit from our cultural and linguistic proximity to the German-speaking area and, at the same time, from our „lived“ experience with Italian language, mentality and habits.

We build links and mediate between the two linguistic and cultural groups, helping our clients to avoid bureaucratic obstacles, interpreters, linguistic or cultural misunderstandings, and therefore facilitating their entrance on the Italian national market.

The opening of your company’s subsidiary just as private real estate investments in South Tyrol benefit from an efficient local public administration, from the right to use the German language not only in front of any public administration and at the companies’ register, but also in the local courts and in front of approved alternative dispute resolution and arbitrations centers (such as for example at the Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano). Articles of association, by-laws and transcripts of shareholders’ meetings of companies domiciled in South Tyrol can be drafted in German as well.

Last but not least, will our prospective clients find throughout South Tyrol motivated employees and highly qualified professionals in all areas and in general a prosperous area with a correspondent high level of social peace.