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Expert jurists - Passionate lawyers in Bolzano, Italy

For more than thirty years have we been taking care of our client’s legal interests with visible success.

We are passionate lawyers, convinced that only passion leads an expert jurist to be a good lawyer.

Our knowledge and our passion are dedicated to

  • legal advice and assistance in the realization of your corporate or private projects;
  • goal-oriented and practical answers to your legal questions;
  • negotiations for extrajudicial, amicable settlements;
  • where necessary, uncompromising judicial enforcement of your rights;

in all areas of private and commercial law, but also in the fields of administrative law, tax law and criminal law.

Located at the meeting point between two cultures, we have ever since a strong tradition of counseling to the benefit of foreign private persons and companies, especially from German-speaking areas.

We are qualified for all lower courts throughout Italy as well as for the Supreme Courts in Rome („Corte di Cassazione“ and „Consiglio di Stato“).

Thanks to national and international cooperation with carefully chosen lawyers and tax consultants, we are able to quickly act on a global scale and can assure a constant availability of up-to-date national and international knowledge.

With the aim to offer the best possible service to our clients, their issues are usually examined by two professionals according to the four-eye-principle, without any additional costs.

We offer legal advice in Italian, German, English and French.